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Looking for a unique stay for your next vacation? You are at the right spot!
I'm going to show you amazing accommodations around the world! From stylish cabins in Norway, to floating homes in Sweden and self-catering cottages in South Africa. And of course, there is always more to come! So stay tuned and follow me on my Social Media Channels!
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Room tours and highlights
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My videos and photos about each cabin are the perfect place for product placement. And with my different channels you reach different crowds as well. 

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Are you an owner of a unique cabin and looking for new content and promotion? I can offer you the following:

  • Photos (camera & drone)
  • Room tour video
  • Promotion on my channels (Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube Shorts)
  • Unique room tour mainly shot with my FPV drone and published to my YouTube channel
  • And more...
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Photo of the PAN Treetop Cabins in Norway.

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